What’s A Videpad™?

Videpads™ are the fun new way to interact with your mobile device. Everywhere you look, people of all ages are engaged with  their cell phones for hours-watching everything from their favorite television shows and YouTube to endless movie content from their service provider. Simply place your phone sideways into the opening positioned on the top of your personal Videpad™ and experience countless hours of hands-free viewing pleasure.

Business professionals can take notes right from their phones instead of juggling and fumbling around propping their phone up against anything they can find. Now, with Videpad™, there is something made specifically for moments such as those. Choose your favorite color with silver trim (elegant stones on the left for “bling” factor) and wow family and friends as you watch educational and entertaining visuals.

The uniqueness of Videpad™ is that for every purchase of our original Videpads, 10% of funds collected will go to support a cause of your choosing; whether for cancer research or Military Vets.